[Moin-user] Allow editing only for auth users

Krzysztof Stryjek wtp at bsdserwis.com
Mon Feb 23 05:28:30 EST 2009


On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 08:29:39PM -0500, Jakub Schmidtke wrote:
> Hm, I have the similar problem. Should I contact you on priv as well? ;)
You're welcome.

> Maybe it would be better to explain it here, or even better - to put 
> somewhere in the documentation? Possibly put a link on that page:
> http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/SecurityPolicy
AFAIK this URL is depreciated. You shoul use http://www.moinmo.in

> instead of:
> "Maybe need an example here of how to do it so it doesn't prevent ACLs from 
> working? Or provide an example using ACLs? And does this warning apply only 
> to Section 2.1 on this page? Other sections seem to use similar technques, 
> do they too affect ACLs?"
Yes, you are right. But there is new HowTo section on moin website,
which should caontains such short examples and explanations. Well,
someone asked me about my last answer on ACLs, but I don't see it there.

So I will find my answer on my mail archives and I will forward to you.

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