[Moin-user] KeyError in Python with 1.8.2

Matt W mwood23 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 14:34:04 EST 2009

>> page I see:
>> KeyError
>> 'en'
>> If you want to report a bug, please save this page and attach it to
>> your bug report.
>>   [etc]
> below "report a bug" there is normally a traceback, this would be very
> usefull if you can submit this also. because this shows where the error
> occure (last item).
> btw. do you use a moinmoin built in / standard theme or a custom?
> bye
> Marcel

Hi again!

Thanks for the responses, Marcel and Thomas.  Thomas, I did do the
cache flush procedure as part of the upgrade, plus i did the manual
cache deletion you suggested.  what was interesting is that the only
file in there was "en" which appears to be an '8086 relocatable
(Microsoft)'  ...could that cause a problem when running moin on a
SPARC system?  or is that only for the client to use?

Marcel, we have all standard themes, no customization.

Do you guys think I should file a bug with this?  I don't want to
cause extra work if it's something I forgot to do in the upgrade :)
I'll try upgrading another instance of 1.8.0 that I have on another
system and see what happens.


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