[Moin-user] Different style for editing

Christopher MacMinn cmac at mit.edu
Tue Feb 24 08:57:10 EST 2009

> > I'm wondering if it is possible to have a slightly different style when
> > editing content. I would like to have a general style that is narrow,
> > so it doesn't take all the screen width. Long p       aragraphs don't
> look well in
> > wide layout (especially on wide display) and are difficult to read.
> > However, for editing it's better to have wider layout for easier raw text
> > editing. Is it possible to achieve that? Maybe something similar to
> 'print'
> > mode?
> As you see when editing, the editor uses its own style (and the theme
> has separate methods for the title and footer of the editor), so I think
> that should be possible.
> We use it already for emitting a simpler header and footer for the
> editor, so that there is more space for the editor itself.

Are you sure that the editor gets its own footer?  The normal page header
and the editor page header are generated by the "header" and "editorheader"
functions, respectively, in the theme file -- there is a "footer" function,
but I do not see a "editorfooter" function.

I would be interested in taking advantage of this myself, if it exists.

- Chris
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