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Tue Feb 24 14:53:10 EST 2009


Dennis Benzinger schrieb:
> Hi!
> Is there a way to set up a kind of workflow where
> a) edits to pages
> b) creation of new pages
> are not public until some admin user approves them?

not 100%. but I think about two possibilities

1. Creation of new Pages
you can use the
"<<NewPage(PageTemplate,ButtonLabel,[ParentPage, at ME, at SELF]
[,NameTemplate])>>" macro together with some templates. so creating a
new page is a bit "structured". (note that you can use template and also
put the page directly under another page [ParentPage]). Drawback is
maybe that the pages is "lost" in the wiki and there is no link from
another page to this newly created page.

2. Template
That template contains an acl like "#acl
AdminGroup:read,write,delete,revert,admin". This prevents others (beside
the admin) to read the page. Also add some Category (like

3. Admin / Approves
The admin can have a single page with a search macro like:
"<<FullSearchCached(cat:CategoryApprovesNeeded)>>" where all the
"approves needed" wiki pages are shown up. Now the admin (or in this
example some user from the AdminGroup) can visit the "not yet approved"
pages and remove the acl and the category stuff. and voila, the page is
"Public" and removed from the Category. (but you have to setup correctly
the "acl_rights_default" in your wikiconfig)

sure you can "reverse" this and say that in the template there is no acl
but to make this page viewable to the public the admin need to add some
acl like "#acl All:read Default"

3.1 Hierarchical ACL processing
Another possible whould be to use some Hierarchical ACL. so you can
easely move some page "FooBar" from /ApprovesNeeded/FooBar to
Documentation/FooBar. sure you need to verify that the page
/ApprovesNeeded and Documentation contains the correct acl settings.

geees; hope you understand my blabber about acl and hierarchical stuff.  :-)


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