[Moin-user] ACLs and user homepages

Christopher MacMinn cmac at mit.edu
Wed Feb 25 12:02:12 EST 2009

Hi folks -
I am using MoinMoin to run a non-wiki website.  My config ACL setup is:

acl_rights_default = u'Administrators:read,write,delete,revert,admin
acl_rights_before  = u'Administrators:read,write,delete,revert,admin'

where "Administrators" is of course one or more users who should have admin
rights (myself included).

What I would like is for (logged-in) users to automatically have permission
to create and edit their own homepages, which they do not with these ACL
settings.  Thus far, I have been creating the user homepages myself and
setting the ACL on that page as:

#acl username:read,write Default

but I would prefer not to have to do this manually for every new user.  Is
there a way to do this?

Best, Chris
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