[Moin-user] ACLs and user homepages

R.Bauer rb.proj at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 03:16:29 EST 2009

Christopher MacMinn schrieb:
>>> I am using MoinMoin to run a non-wiki website.  My config ACL setup is:
>>> acl_rights_default = u'Administrators:read,write,delete,revert,admin
>>> All:read'
>>> acl_rights_before  = u'Administrators:read,write,delete,revert,admin'
>> That sounds wrong because the page name has to end with Group or you
>> have to show your page_group_regex definition.
> Sorry, I think my message was confusing -- I meant "Administrators" as just
> a placeholder for the names of some administrators, such as
> "Admin1,Admin2,Admin3", not to refer to a Group.
> (But I could of course create a group such as "AdminGroup" with those same
> names, and use that instead of listing them.)
>> What I would like is for (logged-in) users to automatically have
>> permission
>>> to create and edit their own homepages, which they do not with these ACL
>>> settings.  Thus far, I have been creating the user homepages myself and
>>> setting the ACL on that page as:
>> you could setup acl_rights_default = u"UserGroup:read,write All:read"
>> that will enable people on the page UserGroup listed to change and
>> create pages. If they are not logged in they can read.
>> and acl_rights_before  =
>> u'AdministratorsGroup:read,write,delete,revert,admin'
>> also you could setup a special Known identifier e.g. acl_rights_default
>> = u"Known:read,write" Then everyone with an account has this right.
>> I do prefer to use the UserGroup page.
> It seems to me that this would allow any user in the "UserGroup" (or any
> "Known" user, for the second option) to edit ANY page.  Is that right?

That is correct

> I would rather that they can edit only their personal homepage, and not
> other pages.


you can create their homepage by calling a script and give them edit
rights for an example how I do it look at

You may also want to think about setting  acl_hierarchic = True so you
can write on a main page rights which will be inherited to all subpages.


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