[Moin-user] Textchas

kai at aplteam.com kai at aplteam.com
Sat Jan 3 07:44:09 EST 2009

Found it.

according to the documentation, after doing anything on groups one
should delete


Although that might be true


needs to be emptied as well!

On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 10:44 AM, kai at aplteam.com <kai at aplteam.com> wrote:
> It's more complex:
> *** Lost changes
> Opera, Mozilla, Safari, Firefox and Chrome work just fine, meaning
> that after clicking the Browser's "Back" buttons show me my edit
> window, so I can try again the textcha question.
> With Internet Explorer 7, however, the user lost all his changes.
> Since about 70% of my users are using some sort of IE (I don't know
> how 6 is behaving) this is a BIG problem!
> *** textchas_disabled_group
> It works fine for old users. It does not work for new users. I even
> rebootet the server, no change.
> Since old and new users are both members of the "TrustedGroup", how can that be?
> Kai

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