[Moin-user] account management without shell access?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Sat Jan 10 09:30:45 EST 2009

> The perfect
> solution IMHO would be being able to apply ACLs to actions.

See there:


As soon as there is a good idea about HOW exactly to handle this, we
could start implementing it.

As a general comment to your problem:

You have that "problem" only because you think you have to restrict
account creation. You don't need that. Everybody can have an account.

Having an account gives you no permissions at all (ACLs do that).

And you are not obliged to give permissions to "Known" in your ACLs.

If you want some concept of "authorized user", just use a group and give
permissions to that group in your ACLs.

(maybe we should add this to HelpOnAccessControlLists, this is a FAQ)

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