[Moin-user] account management without shell access?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Sat Jan 10 15:20:56 EST 2009

> > You have that "problem" only because you think you have to restrict
> > account creation. You don't need that. Everybody can have an account.
> Normally I would agree with you. But this particular wiki is for a
> particular project, and only participants in the project are to be able
> to contribute.

Having an account is not related to contributing.

> This is not my decision, by the way - my feeling is that anyone should
> be able to contribute. However, the policy that only project
> participants should be able to contribute is not entirely stupid, it's
> just a different way of looking at things, and one way to keep the
> "noise" down.
> > Having an account gives you no permissions at all (ACLs do that).
> Anyone can read stuff, even with no account.

If you have an account and your are logged in with it, you can more
comfortably use the wiki, even if only reading:
 * visited pages trail
 * RecentChanges bookmarks (only read new stuff once)
 * personal quicklinks in the navibar
 * change notifications
 * other preferences settings

> The only reason for having
> an account, as far as I can tell, would be if someone wanted to
> contribute.

No, see above.

> Is there any other reason to have an account? Letting people
> have an account that they can't use doesn't make sense.

It does. :)

> It just pollutes
> the namespace for participants unnecessarily.

Other participants won't notice. Having an account doesn't mean you
create a homepage (and if you have no write permissions, you can't do
that anyway).

> > And you are not obliged to give permissions to "Known" in your ACLs.
> True, but then I'm not sure I see the point of "knowing" them :-)

It's not about YOU, it is for THEM. :)

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