[Moin-user] Auth woes

Ron Garret ron at flownet.com
Mon Jan 12 20:01:15 EST 2009


I'm trying to plug in an external user database and I'm having no luck  
at all.  I first tried getting HTTP authentication working using the  
instructions at:


i.e. I added the following lines to my wikiconfig.py file:

from MoinMoin.auth.http import HTTPAuth
class Config(DefaultConfig):
     auth = [HTTPAuth(autocreate=True)]

but it didn't work.  It just says, "You are not allowed to visit this  
page" and makes no attempt to authenticate.

In trying to figure out what's going on I made a copy of MoinAuth to  
experiment with.  I put the MoinAuth code verbatim into another file  
and renamed it MyAuth.  The behavior of this renamed class is  
different from MoinAuth despite the fact that their code is  
identical.  If I click on MyAuth's new-account or password-reminder  
link I get a plain-text page that says "You are not allowed to access  
this".  (MyAuth will let me log in and out though.)

I also tried to create a dummy authenticator that just returned a hard- 
coded user object.  That seemed to work, but when I tried to add  
"logout_possible = True" to this dummy authenticator I expected to get  
a logout link next to my user name, but I didn't.

So I am at an utter loss.  Any suggestions on how to proceed would be  
much appreciated.  (BTW, what I'm actually trying to do is hook up to  
a user table stored in a MySQL database.)

I'm using version 1.8.0.

Many thanks,
Ron Garret

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