[Moin-user] Transfer MoinMoinDesktop 1.5.6 to 1.8.0

jan78093 at googlemail.com jan78093 at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 15 11:46:29 EST 2009


I ran MoinMoinDesktop 1.5.6, and it worked fine.

Due to a laptop change including a OS change from XP to Vista, I had to move. I
downloaded MoinMoinDesktop 1.8.0, unzipped it and copied the contents of the
folder /wiki of the old moinmoin to the according folder of the new instance.

For any reason, it seems to work including logging in with my old credentials
except of one annoying issue:

Internal linking does not work the old way. Links ["formatted like this"] do not
show up as link, only as raw text. I found some hints that this is due some
configuration options to be set by the user.

I looked all help files I could get and the config files, but I have no clue
where to set the option for internal links. Would it be possible that somebody
enlightens me? It is allowed to bash me slightly, because I moved that naive way.


Best regards,


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