[Moin-user] using wget to get images for a page

David Cramer dcramer at motive.com
Sun Jan 18 14:23:15 EST 2009

Ok, thanks. That worked. My next problem must be some misconfiguration
in my wiki. When I Render as DocBook, the paths to the image have the
name of the wiki in a 2nd time (in this case "devwiki"):


Where the correct path would be (i.e. change '/devwiki/devwiki' to


I have not made any changes to formatter/text_docbook.py or anything
else in the base installation. 

When I Render as Docbook on moinmo.in, the paths are correct, so this is
a problem in my environment. Any idea what I could have done to cause

SystemInfo pasted below.


Python Version
    2.5.4 (r254:67916, Jan 8 2009, 21:00:09) [GCC 4.0.2 20051125 (Red
Hat 4.0.2-8)]
MoinMoin Version
    Release 1.8.1 [Revision release]
4Suite Version
Number of pages
Number of system pages
Accumulated page sizes
    3253.6 KiB
Disk usage of /usr/local/share/moin/devwiki/data/pages/
    376.7 MiB
Disk usage of /usr/local/share/moin/devwiki/data/
    419.8 MiB
Entries in edit log
    5580 (716.7 KiB)
Event log
    42.1 MiB
Global extension macros
    AbandonedPages, Action, AdvancedSearch, AttachInfo, AttachList, BR,
EditTemplates, EditedSystemPages, EmbedObject, FootNote, FullSearch,
FullSearchCached, GetText, GetText2, Hits, Include, InterWiki,
LikePages, MonthCalendar, Navigation, NewPage, OrphanedPages, PageCount,
PageHits, PageList, PageSize, RandomPage, RandomQuote, RecentChanges,
ShowSmileys, StatsChart, SystemAdmin, SystemInfo, TableOfContents,
TeudView, Verbatim, WantedPages, WikiConfig, WikiConfigHelp
Local extension macros
Global extension actions
    AttachFile, DeletePage, Despam, LikePages, Load, LocalSiteMap,
PackagePages, RenamePage, RenderAsDocbook, Save, SpellCheck,
SubscribeUser, SyncPages, backup, bookmark, cache, chart, diff,
dumpform, edit, fckdialog, fullsearch, info, links, login, logout,
newaccount, newpage, pollsistersites, quicklink, quickunlink,
recoverpass, refresh, revert, rss_rc, serveopenid, showtags,
sisterpages, sitemap, subscribe, supplementation, thread_monitor,
titleindex, unsubscribe, userprefs, userprofile
Local extension actions
    Render as Motive-pdf, Render as Motive-html
Global parsers
    text, text_cplusplus, text_creole, text_csv, text_diff,
text_docbook, text_html, text_irssi, text_java, text_moin_wiki,
text_pascal, text_python, text_rst, text_xslt
Local extension parsers
Xapian search
    Disabled, Xapian and/or Python Xapian bindings not installed
Active threads

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> > $ wget
> > 
> http://pubs/devwiki/devwiki/ExampleReadmeTemplate?action=AttachFile&do
> > =get&target=fminus2007062036730.gif
> >  
> > I get the following error. There is not ACL on the page. 
> It's readable 
> > even if you're not logged in.
> > 
> > Connecting to pubs||:80... connected.
> > HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 FORBIDDEN
> > 22:32:06 ERROR 403: FORBIDDEN.
> Use a different user agent string.
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