[Moin-user] The beginnings of a HowTo collection

John_Nowlan john_nowlan at carleton.ca
Fri Jan 23 12:22:22 EST 2009

> http://moinmo.in/HowTo

Should this be used for 'Cookbook/Recipes' and 'Tips'?

I ask here because I am nervous about updating 'master' pages but will
if it's agreed.

Let me also say here that I'm impressed with the improvements being made
to Moin. I just (finally) upgraded to Moin 1.8.1 under apache/mod_wsgi
on windows and it performs better than expected!

The improvements I'm talking about though are mostly to the
It's been recognized as an area that needs work and each release it has
gotten better imho.

Thanks moin developers/contributors/users!

Here are a few areas that still need work (and by saying this I am
sayiing I will try and add/update docs - *gulp*, now I've done it,
jumped into the fire/comitted to doing something) but may need help
making sure I understand things.

1. usage
I'm always amazed at the way Moin can solve problems, but the answers
have come from this list, not the docs. 
Specifically (and I'm going from memory, summarizing list discussion,
some of these which I need to try, now that I'm able):
- Paste from Word (when editing in GUI mode) as a way to convert html or
word pages to wiki pages. Wins my best tip vote!
- recent changes master page that shows changes from designated
interwikis, acting as a master/department changes page for
- others, but I'll try and address that in an actual howto page..

2. features
Moin often has the features, they just need to be discovered. This is
unfortunate because others here at my work have been suggesting twiki,
but I want to work in python :)
The twiki front page is better from an eye candy perspective and
highlighting its features than Moin. Maybe the features are more
comprehensive? Twiki.net association/collaboration?

3. notes/comments/discussion page - 
There is this page http://moinmo.in/HelpOnLinking/NotesLinks, but I
don't understand it.
Is this like (inline) comments? http://moinmo.in/HelpOnComments
Or http://moinmo.in/HelpOnConfiguration/SupplementationPage and why
isn't this called 'DiscussionPage' since this appears to be a better
name, follows 'Wikipedia' which makes it more familiar, easier to
understand, imho. Seriously, why 'Supplementation'? (o.k. I am a bigoted
native english speaker:)

Perhaps all these features need to discussed on one enveloping  'HowTo'

4. out of date/obsolete stuff
Universal to wiki's. Recognized.

O.k., I've done enough complaining. Thanks for listening. Now maybe I
can help...

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