[Moin-user] The beginnings of a HowTo collection

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Sat Jan 24 13:26:02 EST 2009

> features sometimes don't make it to the features page, like for
> example the Admonitions.


> 3. Comments/Discussion--
>   I too was baffled by the word-choice of Supplementation.  I figured
> it was just a choice to not copy Wikipedia.  Sorta like how every
> browser calls bookmarks; bookmarks.  But Microsoft needed to
> differentiate and called theirs "favorites".  :-)  I think Moin could
> benefit be renaming it to 'Discussion'.

Hehe, no, that was not the reason.

We didn't call it discussion page because nobody forces you to use it
for discussion, you could use that additional subpage for anything you

> 4.  obsolete pages:
>    I second that.  I'd love to aggressively go thru and delete all the
> 1.3-related stuff, for example.  It's frustrating when I'm searching
> Moin and these antique pages come up.  I would do it if I weren't
> afraid of getting banned.  :-)

You're welcome to help doing this.
But please first read it, just in case it is still relevant (e.g. a bug
that is still open or a feature description that still applies).

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