[Moin-user] Outdated KnownIssues page

Dennis Benzinger Dennis.Benzinger at gmx.net
Sun Jan 25 11:44:21 EST 2009

Hi Thomas!

Am 24.01.2009 11:32, Thomas Waldmann schrieb:
> Hi Dennis,
>> The page KnownIssues seems very outdated. Can I delete it or at least
>> merge it into MoinMoinBugs?
> The page and its content can be deleted.
> The references maybe should point to MoinMoinBugs.
> [...]

I've update almost all pages that linked to KnownIssues and I've deleted
the KnownIssues page. The only remaining page with a link to KnownIssues
is HelpForDevelopers. I didn't know if I should change the page in the
1.8 master or in the 1.9 master. Are changes in the 1.8 master
automatically applied to the 1.9 master? Should I change both?

Dennis Benzinger

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