[Moin-user] wikifarm: wrong links to help pages

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Jan 27 13:19:53 EST 2009

> I changed the farm configuration, so that each wiki uses an own cache
> directory (but I still use a common user_dir).  And now I remember,
> why I chose to use a shared cache_dir. The session information is
> saved within the cache directory. With seperate cache directories, one
> has to login to each subwiki separately. With the former configuration
> (common cache_dir and user_dir) a single logon has been sufficient to
> access all subwikis. Of course only if the ACLs allow this.

I guess we have to change the scope of i18n cache from global to
per-wiki. Thanks for reporting this. If you like to make sure we don't
forget, file a bug. :)

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