[Moin-user] Integrating external docs into moin

Andrew Durdin me at andy.durdin.net
Thu Jan 29 19:24:17 EST 2009

Hi Thomas,

On 29 Jan 2009, at 16:04, Thomas Waldmann wrote:

> That's possible, but needs a rather dirty hack of Page/PageEditor
> classes until the storage backend api is fully functional and merged
> (moin 2.0).

Ah! So there'll be full support for custom backends in the not-too- 
distant-future? That's exactly what I need.  Is this just planned, or  
is it currently in development? Our wiki doesn't need to be ultra- 
stable, so I'd be pretty happy running it on the bleeding edge code  
from the repository if there's at least a partially-functioning  
storage backend api existing.

>> It appears that this might be possible by writing a 'show' action  
>> plugin that
>> would handle the /Documentation pages itself, but delegate back to  
>> the builtin
>> show action for all other pages; but this solution smells a little.
> Could work maybe. Maybe even less smelly than hacking Page/PageEditor.

>>  Would this also require me to override most other builtin actions  
>> in a similar way to avoid them trying to work on the non-exist / 
>> Documentation/whatever wiki page?
> Well, if you want to avoid someone clicking edit or other actions and
> getting strange effects, you would have to do more stuff, yeah.

Yeah, those are the sorts of problems I had in mind.  I have a feeling  
that hacking Page/PageEditor would require less code changes, although  
those changes would be much more fragile between releases.  I'll have  
a play about and see how it works.

> BTW: will you be at EuroPython 2009?

Yeah, I'm planning to be there; it'll be good to catch up again.  It's  
just a shame it's in Birmingham :)



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