[Moin-user] Disabling new accounts creation.

Jose P. Carballo carballojose at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 12:56:29 EDT 2009

Hi, once this was asked before, so here i copy-paste my past answer, which
is much like a way to go around this.

I use TextCha <http://moinmo.in/TextCha> for that. In
http://moinmo.in/HelpOnTextChas there's the code that you have to add in the
configuration file. But instead of making intuitive questions like in the
help link, i just make one question, like this:

textchas_disabled_group = u"TrustedEditorGroup" # members of this
don't get textchas
    textchas = {
        'en': { # silly english example textchas (do not use them!)
*            u"Enter the secret password": ur"YOURSECRETPASSWORD",*

            # ...

This way only people (or only you) who knows the secret password can
suscribe to your moinmoin.

There's something annoying about this that if TextCha is activated it will
always be asking for the password, even for editing, so it would be useful
to use the "textchas_disabled_group". Just add every user to the
TrustedEditorGroup. For help on making groups just read:

Hope it helps.
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