[Moin-user] problem activating MoinMoin.util.antispam

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Jun 16 11:38:28 EDT 2009

> I am using the most recent MoinMoin 1.8.4 and have trouble to activate the antispam feature as described here: http://moinmo.in/AntiSpamGlobalSolution
> In /etc/moin are three configuration files farmconfig.py, mywiki.py, and wikiconfig.py. The later is a symbolic link to /data/mywiki/wikiconfig.py. I discovered that activating antispam in wikiconfig.py has no effect and also I could write random nonsense text into the configuration file with no effect to MoinMoin. The file and the symbolic link both can be read by every user. So I don't understand why it has no effect...
> Thus I tried to activate antispam in farmconfig.py. As result in a web browser I get the following error message: "No module named antispam".
> So alternatively I tried to activate antispam in mywiki.py which results in the error message: "ImportError: No module named antispam".
> Note that the two error messages differ to each other and have some additional text.

You maybe want to clean up in /etc/moin:

Either you use:
a) a farmconfig + misc. named configs (like mywiki). (multiple wikis)
b) you use a wikiconfig (single wiki)

But please not both, that will just cause confusion!

What you get by default from debian/ubuntu is a farm configuration.

Aside from that, you maybe rather want to use TextChas (see
HelpOnTextChas) than the (older) antispam module.

The question-and-answer-based TextChas have proven more efficient
against spam than the regex-based "antispam module" approach.

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