[Moin-user] SyntaxReference link redirects to http, not https

Chris Paulson-Ellis chris at edesix.com
Wed Jun 17 04:04:41 EDT 2009

Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-06-15 at 14:57 +0100, Chris Paulson-Ellis wrote:
>> I have a moin instance working over https, but on an unusual port. Mostly it works, but the SyntaxReference link on the edit page is broken.
>> The URL is correct. ie:
>> https://wiki.example.com:1234/SyntaxReference
>> but when I click on it, I get redirected to
>> http://wiki.example.com:1234/HelpOnMoinWikiSyntax?action=show&redirect=SyntaxReference
>> which would be correct if it started with https: not http:
>> I'm running 1.6.4 using apache, mod_ssl & mod_wsgi. There is no proxy server involved. My underlay, etc. are fully up to date and the cache cleared.
> wiki.debian.org is running on both http and https, and don't have this
> problem. (moin 1.7, apache2, mod_ssl, mod_swgi).
> I wonder if your problem could be due to the port number. It could be
> worth trying on port 443.


I can't run on port 443, because something else is running there (I'm using port based virtual hosting for various SSL protected services).

Of course, the reason it works if you run on both http & https using the regular ports is that when the https: is incorrectly replaced with http: in the redirect, the implicit :443 becomes an implicit :80, so it successfully contacts the non-SSL server port 80. ie:


redirects to


However, in my case where the port number has to be explicit in the URL, it tries to talk non-SSL to port 1234 and fails.


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