[Moin-user] RFC for potential ACL privilege changes

Christopher Denter dennda at the-space-station.com
Thu Jun 25 16:21:49 EDT 2009


I am Christopher and I'm currently working on a GSoC project for
MoinMoin. Together with Thomas Waldmann I'm currently integrating the
storage refactorings that have been made last year. One important part
of this work is the integration of ACLs. While doing this we realized
that several privileges are potentially redundant and can be expressed
by other privileges. We already killed the special 'revert' capability,
since this is akin to reading an old revision of a page, copying that
revision's content and pasting it into a new revision. This was easy.

Unfortunately however, we have still not decided what should happen with
'delete' and 'rename' (and perhaps a new privilege 'create').

For any of those, there are several possible solutions that have their
advantages and disadvantages. We would like to get some feedback from
you to be able to make the best call.

We have outlined our thoughts on a wiki page [0]. Feel free and
encouraged to add your own thoughts, ideas and concerns to that page as
we need a decision soon.

[0] http://moinmo.in/Storage2009#ACL_Privilege_Changes


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