[Moin-user] automatism for names of generated pages

Dr. Uwe Werner duaw at gmx.de
Sun Mar 8 11:47:06 EDT 2009

Hello Fellow-MoinMoiners!

on a page in our wiki I include the NewPage macro. So far, so good.

However, what I really want is some automatism: The page to generate  
should be named "xyz-<unique-key>" where <unique-key> is either a  
simple sequence number (with preceeding zeros...) or whatever is  
suitable for humans (reflecting order, easy to understand).  I don't  
want the user to observe rules and query existing pages in order to  
provide that <unique.key> but I want it to have generated.

In fact, the user should only click a button to create a page with a  
prescribed name.

A randomly generated UUID is not what I have in mind.  I can have date/ 
time expanded but this looks not nice.

I doubt a sequence can be done with what Moin provides so far. Am I  
right?  Has someone solved this problem?  Do I have to customize this  
macro? (I doubt I can achieve that :-( )  How does one count and keep  

BTW Moin's "variables" are rather "constants".  Or is there a way to  
vary a variables usig a macro, a script or whatever - except typing it  
in the Dict?

Your answer & help is highly appreciated! Best Regards,

Uwe Werner

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