[Moin-user] Editor confused

kai at aplteam.com kai at aplteam.com
Wed Mar 11 14:53:24 EDT 2009

> kai at aplteam.com schrieb:

schrieb? Deutsch?! Ahh, Schweiz! Gruess Dich Marcel!

>  > You did not read my mail completely I dare say. That was not my point.
> you right, I was too fast, that's come from reading multitasking e-mails
> in different languages... in the end you don't understand anything :-(

Know whatymean...

> also about your javascript button, it's maybe also possible to use some
> moinmoin programming, because action=recal if you viewing an old page,
> so moinmoin could maybe add the class disabled (like the same if a user
> has no right to edit). but be honestly I do not care :-)

Having thought about it you're probably right. I mean, it was my fault
in the first place - there was no point to EDIT for copying a piece of

> is your category problem still exist?

Yes, the big-shots didn't help so far.

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