[Moin-user] gsoc and moinmoin

Lukasz Szybalski szybalski at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 09:57:44 EDT 2009

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 2:01 PM, Jakub Schmidtke <sjakub at gmail.com> wrote:
> Lukasz Szybalski wrote:
>> Will one of the projects be a continuation of "storing moinmoin in a
>> distributed revision control".
> Probably OT, but what's the point of having wiki's data in distributed
> revision control system? I could understand using something like svn, but
> why distributed?

I've added gsoc idea "alternative backend part 2"

    *  The goal of this project is to fix the design issues that had
appear after creating the alternative backed in gsoc2008. Modify the
code so that it gets accepted into moinmoin trunk. Provide unit tests
for the 2 engines (bazaar and mercurial), perform a performance test
and modify code if required. Provide documentation on running moinmoin
with alternative backend and explain appropriate configuration options
in moinmoin that deal with change in backend. Provide sample merge
example from 2 different projects. Provide test sample and
documentation for successful deployment of alternative backend with
moinmoin with bazaar storage engine(link to bug)
    * Finish the data storage engine to support bazaar, hg, and
possibly git and svn if time permits.
    * The backend engine code is here: backend.py,
    * Current storage enginge for 1.8 is here 1.8 storage engine,
    * The description for the last gsoc and current status. Gsoc
2008,current status

Goal of this project is to supply alternative backend to existing flat
files. This backend will be based on Bazaar and Mercurial. Letting
DVCS store and revision data gives us few advantages:
    * storing revision data internally
    * atomic operations without permanent page locking on edit
    * easy data backup distribution (just clone it)
    * data synchronisation between multiple instances (branching and merging)
Such backend should also prove new storage API.

MoinMoin is a wiki software that enables users from all over the world
to collaborate, using just their browser.
That way you can work together very efficiently. To be even more
efficient for its users, MoinMoin allows attaching
files like images or zip-files. The way these files are currently
stored is not that good.
Thus, we aim to provide a powerful abstraction layer to store data
efficiently using different backends.
The work on this storage backend has already begun.
We now want to improve it and its documentation and add another
backend (and enable others to add further backends).
The code needs general improvements to make it useful.
Currently there are some flaws in the design that need to be ironed as well.
When this has been accomplished you can select which backend you like,
without altering the way you access your data.
This will allow storage items to be available in different revisions, too.

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