[Moin-user] Double Click Woes

Dr. Uwe Werner duaw at gmx.de
Mon Mar 16 17:23:00 EDT 2009

Dear Fellow-MoinMoiners,

most users are used to the double-click.  However, MoinMoin behaves  
somewhat weird, not fulfilling the user's expectations.  I observed  
the following with a couple of users new (and some already used to)  

(1) A user reads a longer page.
(2) The user wants to change a sentence, fix a typo, add a remark.
(3) The moves the mouse and double clicks precisely the position with  
the letter, sentence, or chapter in question.
(4) Edit window opens, input at line one, column one
(5) User is annoyed.

User satisfaction would grow enormously if Moin was able position the  
cursor where the double click took place (or close by).

BTW The edit-on-double-click should be disabled when renaming a page,  
moving attachments etc.  When I rename a page, a double click should  
behave differently: Select a word or the whole selectable text.

Best Regards

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