[Moin-user] problems configuring moin 1.9.0b2

John Francis Lee jfl at robinlea.com
Tue Mar 17 09:04:15 EDT 2009


I'm sorry to persist, but I want to make this work, so I will keep 
posting until I am either banned from the list or until someone helps me.

I attach once again a file containing my attempt to document my problem. 
I have made a single file this time, hoping that is more tempting to 
someone not completely indisposed to helping me.

The file contains
  1. the contents of /etc/moin/farmconfig.py
  2. the contents of /etc/moin/wiki.py
  3. the contents pf /home/jfl/www/uspvp.org/wiki/moin.wsgi
  4. a trace of apache starting, from /var/logs/apache2/error.log
  5. a trace of apache starting, from /home/jfl/www/logs/uspvp_error.log
  6. a trace of moin starting from /tmp/moin.log
  7. the url for the location at which I expect to find moin
  8. the reply from my browser to my attempt to find moin there
  9. the listing of /etc/moin
10. the listing of /home/jfl/www/uspvp.org/wiki

I have tried my best to understand and follow the instructions at


but I am not having any luck and try as I may am unable to diagnose my 
problem. So I am writing, once again, asking for help.

Thanks for your kind attention to my plea.

John Francis Lee
1025/37 Thanon Jet Yod
Mueang Chiangrai 57000
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