[Moin-user] Migrating to MediaWiki

McLaughlin, Daniel D daniel.d.mclaughlin at intel.com
Tue Mar 17 19:16:51 EDT 2009

Sorry. I wasn't clear. 

I have no prior wiki experience to base any comparisons with MoinMoin. 

I was asked to download MoinMoin and set up a standalone wiki for a team I support. Now the requirements for authentication, security, backups, and support have increased. I don't have the bandwidth to support a wiki and found out that corporate IT hosts wiki's via MediaWiki. Migrating will allow the wiki data to be on my corporate NFS server, where it is backed up, and the IT group will support the service.  

I know nothing about MediaWiki and hope that the IT group will engage MediaWiki support for help with the migration. If I investigate on my own, I would be glad to provide an assessment of their mailing-list / forum.

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> Although seeking support from the target wiki is the more logical approach, Corp IT didn't even offer that as a method toward a solution. Hello??
> I'll have to get pushy.
> Thanks

What is your point ?

Why do you actually not like moinmoin, what do you like about MediaWiki ?
Especially, can you say anything about the MediaWiki support - i.e.
its mailing-list ?

PS: What is "Corp IT" ?

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