[Moin-user] Thanks! ...now another question

John Francis Lee jfl at robinlea.com
Wed Mar 18 08:19:37 EDT 2009

Thank you R Bauer. Jim Wright, and Thomas Waldman,

I changed the single-quote to an aterisk and, after a moment, the front 
page comes up! Thanks a million.

At first it still didn't work, due to my confusion on another point.

<quote from moin.wsgi>
jfl at ws0:~/www$ tail uspvp.org/wiki/moin.wsgi
from MoinMoin.web.serving import make_application
# Creating the WSGI application
# use shared=True to have moin serve the builtin static docs
# use shared=False to not have moin serve static docs
# use shared='/my/path/to/htdocs' to serve static docs from that path
application = make_application(shared=True)
#application = 
#application = make_application(shared=False)

I had set shared=False, because the other two hadn't worked with the 
flawed farmconfig.py But with farmconfig.py fixed shared=False wouldn't 
work, so I tried the other two in turn.

What does "serve the builtin static docs" mean?

I had made a symbolic link in my wiki directory from
thinking that the "builtin static docs" resided there. But then
would work, wouldn't it?

What exactly are the static files? templates? if they are real static 
files the I'd want apache to serve them (share=False), right?

And where are they?

Again thanks for all your help. I'm off to see if there are other 
problems with my moin, but I'm very relieved and happy to see the front 
page. Thanks again.

John Francis Lee
1025/37 Thanon Jet Yod
Mueang Chiangrai 57000

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