[Moin-user] MoinMoin virtual appliance

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Wed Mar 25 15:33:27 EDT 2009

Dirk Fieremans schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'm currently reviewing whether I could use MoinMoin as our corporate
> Wiki/Intranet.
> As we use virtualisation very strongly, I was interested to know whether
> the MoinMoin virtual appliance is still maintained.
like you said, 2007 is very outdated! don't use it!
> We run VMWare ESX 3.5.
> I noticed you have a package, but it seems very outdated (2007).
yes; I'm building now on a virtualbox a virtual maschine with
debian/ubuntu, xapian search, etcetera.. but due my spare time this will
take weeks :-(
> Is it available in a newer release? We have very little spare (human)
> capacity to spend much time on configuring the engine.

for your luck, you also can easily download the current moinmoin, unpack
this and start directly the wiki with the build-in server, like:
./wikiserver.py (it will listen on localhost with port 8080. so that's
fine enough to try something (only drawback is, that xapian - the fast
search is not installed)

read here: http://moinmo.in/DesktopEdition

> regards,
> Dirk

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