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Dirk Fieremans dirk.fieremans at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 18:28:47 EDT 2009

Hi Rick,

I think I'll follow your advice!

I found some good documents to do the technical installation, but do you
know whether something is available on how you actually tackle a MoinMoin

We would like to use it for 2 parts:
- a wiki where IT information is made available to the endusers
- an intranet to share general information

I absolutely want to avoid that it becomes a structure-less mess. I chose
MoinMoin mainly because the comparison-matrix shows it can support wiki &
intranet. (what's the technical difference?). For some of teh sections I
will have to implement security on the pages (preferably with AD
authentication), is this easy to implement?

to make a long story short, I guess I'm looking for some kind of tips&tricks
to get going in a structured way.
I'm browsing through a lot of fora (on whatever wiki-brand) to get ideas
from people that already did it.


2009/3/25 Rick Vanderveer <rick.vanderveer at gmail.com>

> Hey Dirk,
> Moin basically has one single dependency; Python.  Python is a simple
> "click next" install for Windows.  If you want to start entering content
> immediately, I'll parrot what Marcel said and suggest starting with the
> desktop edition.  That's all that's needed, Python and MoinMoin.  No Apache,
> no MySQL.  It's pretty trivial to customize the port so that it's running on
> the standard port 80 for your web users.  You'll likely find that for a
> small workgroup, performance isn't that bad even.
> Then, as it grows, you can explore building a proper server box that
> leverages the capabilities of Apache later on (faster performance, and
> Apache-features such as Domain Authentication (you mentioned you're mostly
> Windows-based), etc).  It will be easy to copy over your content pages from
> your standalone desktop edition into a server edition.
> Just my 2-cents...
> -Rick
> On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 4:53 PM, Dirk Fieremans <dirk.fieremans at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hi Marcel,
>> thanks for the info! I installed the desktop-version at home on Ubuntu and
>> that went fine. (literally 5 minutes job).
>> At work, I wanted to install it properly, but we mainly have Windows
>> knowledge. I would prefer though to run it on Linux. As I lack time to play
>> with Apache, MySQL,... it would be great if I could just install a
>> pre-configured VMWare image that contains a running environment with
>> everything on it (Python,...). I have no preferences on what Linux brand is
>> used, I only want to use the MoinMoin engine to start publishing content
>> asap.
>> Perhaps I shuld just buy some support hours and get the experts to do it
>> for me [?]
>> cheers,
>> Dirk
>> 2009/3/25 Mail at Heavy.ch <mail at heavy.ch>
>> Dirk Fieremans schrieb:
>>> > Hi,
>>> >
>>> > I'm currently reviewing whether I could use MoinMoin as our corporate
>>> > Wiki/Intranet.
>>> > As we use virtualisation very strongly, I was interested to know
>>> whether
>>> > the MoinMoin virtual appliance is still maintained.
>>> like you said, 2007 is very outdated! don't use it!
>>> >
>>> > We run VMWare ESX 3.5.
>>> >
>>> > I noticed you have a package, but it seems very outdated (2007).
>>> yes; I'm building now on a virtualbox a virtual maschine with
>>> debian/ubuntu, xapian search, etcetera.. but due my spare time this will
>>> take weeks :-(
>>> >
>>> > Is it available in a newer release? We have very little spare (human)
>>> > capacity to spend much time on configuring the engine.
>>> for your luck, you also can easily download the current moinmoin, unpack
>>> this and start directly the wiki with the build-in server, like:
>>> ./wikiserver.py (it will listen on localhost with port 8080. so that's
>>> fine enough to try something (only drawback is, that xapian - the fast
>>> search is not installed)
>>> read here: http://moinmo.in/DesktopEdition
>>> >
>>> > regards,
>>> > Dirk
>>> >
>>> bye
>>> Marcel
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