[Moin-user] Fwd: MoinMoin virtual appliance

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Thu Mar 26 07:46:48 EDT 2009

Hi Dirk,

> At work, I wanted to install it properly, but we mainly have Windows
> knowledge. I would prefer though to run it on Linux.

I strongly recommend to use linux. The result will usually run faster,
more stable and with less issues.

It is also easier for some 3rd party to create VM images for it, because
there won't be licensing and distribution problems.

> As I lack time to play with Apache, MySQL,... it would be great if I
> could just install a pre-configured VMWare image that contains a
> running environment with everything on it (Python,...).

Good idea. :)

If the VM software authors could agree on some common disk image format,
I guess this would be easier and more useful.

I currently run virtualbox on my machines, but I never tried to convert
its *.vdi to *.vmdk.

> I have no preferences on what Linux brand is used, I only want to use
> the MoinMoin engine to start publishing content asap.
> Perhaps I shuld just buy some support hours and get the experts to do
> it for me.

You're lucky, we can offer that since a week, see:




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