[Moin-user] Fwd: MoinMoin virtual appliance

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Thu Mar 26 14:12:33 EDT 2009

> From an enduser point of view, I really only want to use it directly.

There are also moin wiki hosting offers, where you can just use it.

Running servers, software installation and upgrades is all done for you.

Usually this stuff is on the internet, so it depends on you whether that
is an option for you (you can use ACLs to require a login).

> Suppose you could package the most important features into a .vmdk
> file, where configuration of the MoinMoin engine is reduced to
> providing it with an IP address, wouldn't that be great? A single page
> configuration manual, with no hassle on Python, Apache,... as they
> come pre-configured.

On first glance, this sounds like a very good idea.

The only problem I see is long term, like e.g.:

Who does software and security upgrades?

Who does configuration changes when needed?

Backup is maybe no issue, as the virtual disk will be just backed
together with everything else on that host (the VM should be stopped
when this happens, though).

> Regarding Debian, we mainly use a licensed RedHat Enterprise license,

Everything that has to be "licensed" somehow is not working as a general
solution that is just downloadable somewhere.

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