[Moin-user] Useful?!

Kai Jaeger kai at aplteam.com
Tue Mar 31 15:18:51 EDT 2009

I make heavy use of MoinMoin's Category feature.

In particular I use category pages which do a (non-chached)
FullSearch. As a result these lists are always up-to-date. Nice.

However, the page names are not always that clear. I would very much
appriciate a feature that allows me to define a kind of short
description on a particular page which, if set, could be used
automatically by the page performing a


For example, on a page "ThisIsMyExample" there could be something like

#Description This is my short description of the "MyCategory" page

which then results on the CategoryPage as a dd list:

    This is my short description of the "MyCategory" page

This feature would make it much easier to create meaningful lists on the fly.
And it's certainly easy to implement.

Is this useful for others as well?


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