[Moin-user] docbook and static questions

jdd for http://tldp.org jdd at dodin.org
Tue May 5 12:45:55 EDT 2009

We, at the Linux documentation project, like pretty much MoinMoin wiki.

We have however some problems.

* All our traditional toolchain is based on docbook. The export to
docbook macro don't fit all our needs and we are mostly writers, not
programmers, so help on fixing this macro would be nice (I wrote to
the macro author two ours ago :-). see also

* We have a number of mirrors all around the world, and we plan to
have a static wiki version mirrored together with the html one (see
tldp.org for our mirrorred site our wiki is at wiki.tldp.org)

We are working on this, but may be some of you could help us a little
or a lot :-)

jdd for the Linux Documentation Project

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