[Moin-user] Copy And Paste HTML Content Into GUI Mode

Carlo Camerino cmcamerino at gmail.com
Tue May 12 11:55:09 EDT 2009


one of the things I would like to do in moin is to copy and paste html
script coming from a web page.

For example when I open this web page

I copy its contents via the web browser and then paste into my
personal wiki server.
The problem is I get different kinds of errors from moin afterwards.
I am able to see the preview perfectly as it is in the text editor

However, when I try to press the preview button or submit,
that's where the errors start.

In gmail, you can paste this and still retain the formatting.
of the text based how you copied it.

In twiki I can also do this and see the page exactly as it is.

Is there any special macro for this?

in moin i get the following error.

process_inline: Don't support glassfish_install_dir element

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