[Moin-user] Updating formatting on many pages

R.Bauer rb.proj at gmail.com
Mon May 25 03:45:24 EDT 2009

Gnarlodious schrieb:
> I am updating my server and suddenly finding [[BR]] was changed to
> <<BR>>. Is there a script that will change all these in the shell? I
> refuse to do them all by hand, and prefer not to write my own script.
> If such a script is on the http://moinmo.in/ website, it must be well hidden.
> -- Gnarlie
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Hi Gnarlie

please look into the docs dir. It is since 1.5.3 included into the moin


moin-1.8/docs > more README_FIRST
MoinMoin Documentation Overview

docs/INSTALL.html: generic instructions about installing MoinMoin

docs/UPDATE.html: generic instructions about updating MoinMoin

docs/CHANGES: if you are upgrading from an older moin version, please
              completely read all changes that happened after the
              Version you were using until now (in order)- otherwise you
              might miss some
              important upgrading and configuration hints.
              Starting with 1.5.3, update installation hints are marked
              with HINT. They assume you are upgrading from the last
              release version before (e.g. from 1.5.2 to 1.5.3).

docs/README.migration: migration procedure for your data_dir (read this
                       file to know how to upgrade your DATA).
                       You MUST read UPDATE.html and CHANGES also for
                       important infos about general update procedure
                       and config changes.

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