[Moin-user] Removal of ability to use GivenAuth, formerly HTTPAuth, via passed Authorization header

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Nov 3 03:55:24 EST 2009

Hi Max,

> I have just discovered that Moin 1.9 drops the ability to pass an
> authenticated identity to the Moin standalone server using an HTTP Basic
> auth Authorization header.

The mixed stuff that used to be in HTTPAuth in 1.8 was separated into 2

GivenAuth (web server does auth somehow [can be via http basic auth, but
also could be something completely different] and gives it to moin (e.g.
via REMOTE_USER env var).

HTTPAuthMoin (moin evaluates Authorization header of http basic auth and
creates authenticated user from that, or requests auth if that doesn't

> An example whole-system scenario where this is useful is a front-end
> Apache performing HTTP Basic auth, and proxying the resultant request to
> a standalone-server Moin running bound to the localhost IP address only.

Ah, interesting. That is a scenario where the GivenAuth class does not
work because the environment variable is not there. Thus you need
HTTPAuthMoin, maybe with a small modification.

> Please could this feature be reinstated?

Please try if MoinMoin.auth.http.HTTPAuthMoin works for you (as is).

If it doesn't, please try this modification of MoinMoin/auth/http.py:

Original line:
u = user.User(..., name=...)

Modified line:
u = user.User(..., auth_username=...)

That might be needed for your usecase because your moin profiles do not
have the http basic auth password.

Please let me know about your results.



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