[Moin-user] moin and xapian edit page->save; internal error

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Nov 3 04:54:41 EST 2009

> I have  moinmoin and Xapian configured, and it is  mostly* working.

I would almost say "mostly working" could be a typical description for
mod_python based installations. :D

Seriously: does anything hold you back from using mod_wsgi instead of
mod_python? It usually works far better and is easy to set up. If you
don't use mod_python for something else than moin, better deinstall it
after installing mod_wsgi.

BTW, moin 1.9 will be WSGI at the core, so using mod_wsgi is also a good
preparation for the 1.9 upgrade later.

The specific error you have seems to be that mod_python is somehow
unhappy about the return value's type of the moin function it calls:

> [Tue Nov 03 12:58:12 2009] [error] [client xxx] PythonHandler
> MoinMoin.request.request_modpython::Request.run:   File
> "/usr/lib64/python2.4/site-packages/mod_python/apache.py", line 301,
> in HandlerDispatch\n    assert (type(result) == type(int())), \\,
> referer: http://sbtwiki/test2?action=edit
> [Tue Nov 03 12:58:12 2009] [error] [client xxx] PythonHandler
> MoinMoin.request.request_modpython::Request.run: AssertionError:
> Handler 'MoinMoin.request.request_modpython::Request.run' returned
> invalid return code., referer: http://sbtwiki/test2?action=edi

> is there anything i can do to fix this?

Well, one could find out the return value it is unhappy about and the
place where moin returns that value.

The problem is that (AFAIK) none of the moin developers uses mod_python,
so some mod_python user would have to do that.

But I bet installing mod_wsgi is much easier (and much more useful long
term) than debugging this.

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