[Moin-user] GSoC proposal - Improve item metadata index/search for moin2

Mike Ma mikemandarine at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 06:08:45 EDT 2010

Hello everyone,

I am sending my proposal on GSoC. Details are listed below. Please, if you
have ideas, tips, or if you only want to say you opinion about my project,
go ahead.

Mike Ma


It is effort to implement item metadata index/search module for moin2,
because Moinmoin has no item metadata index/search for now. In addition,
metadata index/search is mentioned in TODO list.

My idea:

As item and metadata are stored separately and we get metadata via item's
item_id,  a query request results in a set of items,
the content constructed from each item metadata are added to the index queue
and indexed following the normal policy. After metadata are indexed, search
users can query for terms or keywords in the metadata or the primary item
and the primary item will return as a search result.
After consideration about compatiblity issues, I'm going to implement this
module without xapian.

Project schedule:

present - May: look deep into documents and code about this improvement and
work out a solution to the metadata item search in detail.

May - July: Implement metadata item search module following the solution
mentioned above.

July - September: Do a lot of testing work to make sure metadata item search
module work properly and effectively.

My name is Yu Ma, I'm now pursuing my master degree in Peking University,
China. My major research field is database management system related
technique, but I'm always interested in open source software and python, so
I decide to take part in gsoc 2010.

I've experienced many different jobs. The best experience for me was, when
I've worked as software engineer intern in C++ and C# for  for more than
half a year for Microsoft SQL server team in China. I've been working on
developing a relation-xml database management system in my lab at Peking
University for about two years.

Thanks for all and I'm looking forward to hear from you soon!
Best regards,
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