[Moin-user] xmlrpc with NTLM and GivenAuth

Mark Scheufele mark.scheufele at diasemi.com
Tue Dec 28 11:04:23 EST 2010

Hi Moin users,

I was able to fix the xmlrpc access to the wiki by changing the process() method of the XmlRpcBase class within c:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\MoinMoin\xmlrpc\__init__.py

            if 'xmlrpc' in self.request.cfg.actions_excluded:
                # we do not handle xmlrpc v1 and v2 differently
                response = xmlrpclib.Fault(1, "This moin wiki does not allow xmlrpc method calls.")
                # overwrite any user there might be, if you need a valid user for
                # xmlrpc, you have to use multicall and getAuthToken / applyAuthToken
                #if the only authMethod is 'given' use the remote_user variable to create user object.
                #In this case no calls to getAuthToken and applyAuthToken are necessary 
                if 'given' in request.cfg.auth_methods and len(request.cfg.auth_methods) == 1: 
                    u=user.User(request, auth_username=auth_username,
                        auth_method=request.cfg.auth_methods, auth_attribs=('name', 'password'))
                    logging.info("user is %s" % str(u))
                    u=user.User(request, auth_method='xmlrpc:invalid')
                request.user = u

I know can use the xmlrpc functions against our wiki.

Best Regards,



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