[Moin-user] Moin 1.9.3 - get 503 Service Unavailable after aprox 16 pages

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Sat Jul 3 06:13:24 EDT 2010

> So... after roll-back to 1.8.8 and dropping that wsgi-stuff and got
> back to my mod_python, all went well, just importet 819 Pages in one
> session without any trouble. 

Well, I don't know enough about your 1.9 and wsgi configuration to
analyze it, but in my experience mod_python behaved rather crappy and
mod_wsgi was very painless and comfortable.

If it tells service unavailable, the server log would've been quite more
interesting than the clientside log.

Anyway, that problem should get more debugging, because 1.8.9 will
likely be the last (non-wsgi) 1.8 release, followed by some time of
in-repository-only updates for 1.8.

BTW: I use xmlrpc to fetch/put all the master19 i18n "po file" pages and
didn't see such a problem yet.

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