[Moin-user] Help needed with theme customization (Solenoid)

Gnarlodious gnarlodious at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 09:54:04 EDT 2010

This is why I refuse to help anyone on this mailing list, because it
is misconfigured in a way that you only reply to the person asking the
question. I have complained about it for years and it has never
changed and at one point I even got someone to say that it is normal
for a mailing list. As a result, you end up having a one-on-one
conversation when you should be talking to the whole group. In fact,
it makes me so mad I am unsubscribing from this list right now, so I
don't waste my time any more.

-- Gnarlie

On 7/3/10, Derek <gamesbook at gmail.com> wrote:
> I did look at the logs; nothing obvious showing there.  The files have
> the same permissions as, for example, the moimoin.png image file (and
> that shows up just fine)?
> Thanks
> Derek
> On 2 July 2010 16:40, Gnarlodious <gnarlodious at gmail.com> wrote:
>> You don't need to restart Apache.
>> Did you look at the server logs? Maybe you forgot to set the files as
>> server-readable.
>> -- Gnarlie

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