[Moin-user] Using Restructured text AND Pygments

Ivan F. Villanueva B. ivan at ffii.org
Wed Jul 7 04:15:50 EDT 2010

* Nic Pottier <nicpottier at gmail.com> [2010-07-06 18:14]:
> On Jul 6, 2010 5:41 PM, "R.Bauer" <rb.proj at gmail.com> wrote:
> > pygments syntax hightlighting is default in moin-1.9
> >
> > {{{#!highlight python
> > class Example(object):
> > }}}
> >
> > see
> > http://moinmo.in/HelpOnParsers#highlight_parser

> Using moinmoin markup, yes it is.  But I couldn't figure out the right
> incantation to get it to work with code blocks when using restructured text.

I have the same problem with the latex plugin. It doesn't work when using rst as parser. E.g.

> I ended up hacking my own version to make it work

I'm very interested in your hack.

Better would be though for the MoinMoin developers to make the rst parser
accept {{{ code. I guess it is very easy if you know how the parser works.

BTW, writing e.g.
    {{{#!highlight python
is painful long. Isn't there a kind of macro directive, with which you can do something like:

    #macro p highlight python

    a = 2


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