[Moin-user] possible to move/upgrade moin data?

George Dinwiddie lists at iDIAcomputing.com
Sat Jul 17 10:11:48 EDT 2010


On 7/17/10 8:00 AM, Karl Auer wrote:
> I have an old Ubuntu 7.04 server running MoinMoin 1.8.1 (I think). This
> wiki is in a private network used only for internal business purposes,
> and I am 100% happy with the features etc, so I don't really need to
> upgrade.
> However, I am virtualising the host that moinmoin is on. Instead of
> setting up moinmoin manually (as I did on the existing server), I want
> to use the version that comes prepackaged with Ubuntu 10.04 - namely
> 1.9.2.
> Can I just install the distro version, then copy the data from where it
> is on the exiting server (/usr/local/moin/share/moin/data) to the
> equivalent directory on the new server?

You'll want to run any migration scripts necessary for one version to 
the other.  And you'll want to check the changes in config settings.

Basically, that's what I do when I upgrade now.  I install the new 
version (in a separate directory on a shared hosting server), copy & 
migrate the data, and make sure it all works /before/ changing the 
public pointer from the old to the new script.  It gives me minimal 

  - George

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