[Moin-user] Wiki bookmarks toolbar Firefox extension

Paul Macey paul.d.macey at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 4 09:54:44 EST 2010


I have started to develop a Moinmoin wiki extension for Firefox.  The 
extension will act as a 'bookmarks toolbar' but the bookmarks will come 
from a moinmoin wiki. Each wiki page will be a folder on the toolbar, 
and each hyperlink under the pages will be 'bookmarks'. So far I have 
managed to get a wiki page and pull the links to other pages out and 
then display them as separate folders on a tool bar inside Firefox.

Features I plan to implement:
* Selectable root wiki page for toolbar
* Storing of a list of 'favorite' root wiki pages
* Nested folders (wiki pages to other wikis... including recursive 
pagelink structures)
* 'Live' folders through dynamically populating bookmarks user GUI events
* Drag webpages onto a folder, adds the link to the underlying wiki page
* right click folder options: 'goto page', 'set page as root', 'open all 
in tabs'

I would like to ask for help/advice on the following areas in addition 
to any general advice/ideas (e.g gotchas, watch out for this, this is 
the simplest method todo X is Y)?

1 - How should I update a wiki page with a new hyperlink? I have found 
the python script "editmoin" and had a look at the source and it seams 
that it sends a text string back to the url. The text string seams to 
contain special fields like 'ticket', 'version' etc. Is this the correct 
method to update a page? Is there any particular fields I especially 
need (considering I just want to append a hyperlinik)?

2 - I am currently accessing a wiki pages data by fetching the page by 
looking at  body/div"page"/div"content" and then pulling all anchors out 
of this section. Is this a 'nice' way todo this and will this work on 
all moinmoin page layouts etc (sorry im not that great on html). Also is 
there better ways to access the data? (some special way to get direct 
XML or anything like this???

3 - How in should I manage logins to the wiki? I currently ignore this 
and have a "open" wiki without users whilst I develop but I plan on 
making this a fully functional extension so I will need this later. Are 
ssh/ssl certificate things possible and would this appear as 
"transparent" to my extension? Or will I have to store user name and 
password (I would prefer not todo this for security)

Thanks in advance,

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