[Moin-user] Problem with moin 1.9.2 and fastcgi

Nigel Metheringham nigel.metheringham at dev.intechnology.co.uk
Sat Mar 6 14:30:29 EST 2010

When using the moin.fcg (appropriately adjusted for the installation)
from version 1.9.2, the fastcgi process fails to start correctly.

If I use the moin.fcg from 1.9.1 (on an otherwise 1.9.2 installation)
then it starts and runs correctly.

This is being run as a static fastcgi configuration, launched from
daemontools, using command line:-
	moin.fcg  --port 3012 --interface=

The failing process logs the following on start:-
  2010-03-06 16:56:31,521 MoinMoin.log INFO using logging configuration read from "/usr/share/moin/config/logging/stderr"
  WSGIServer: missing FastCGI param REQUEST_METHOD required by WSGI!
  WSGIServer: missing FastCGI param SERVER_NAME required by WSGI!
  WSGIServer: missing FastCGI param SERVER_PORT required by WSGI!
  WSGIServer: missing FastCGI param SERVER_PROTOCOL required by WSGI!
  2010-03-06 16:56:31,785 MoinMoin.config.multiconfig INFO using farm config: /var/www/moin/conf/farmconfig.pyc
  Status: 404 NOT FOUND
  Content-Type: text/html
  <title>404 Not Found</title>
  <h1>Not Found</h1>
  <p>No wiki configuration matching the URL found!</p>

So it appears to be immediately attempting to decode a request rather
than just starting a listener.

I did try having FCGI_FORCE_CGI set to N - this made no difference.

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