[Moin-user] Missing pages in new farm wiki

Todd A. Jacobs nospam at codegnome.org
Sun Mar 7 16:20:23 EST 2010

I have a working wiki, and today I added a second instance. I updated
/etc/moin/farmconfig.py and added a new domain instance with a

However, when I log in as WikiAdmin, I don't seem to *be* superuser.
I don't see the SystemAdmin link on the nav bar, even though I've got:

    superuser = [u"WikiAdmin"]

in the instance config.

In addition, stuff that works on the original wiki, such as help pages
and the SiteNavigation link, just come up with "Create Page" in the new

Both wikis have this in Apache:

    Alias /moin_static/ "/usr/share/moin/htdocs/"
    ScriptAlias /wiki "/usr/share/moin/server/moin.cgi"

so I don't see why one has the right pages while the other doesn't. I'm
not really sure what else I need to look at to troubleshoot this. Any

I'm running 1.9.2-1 on Debian, if that makes any difference.

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	-- Doctor Who, "Destiny of the Daleks"

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