[Moin-user] GUI mode disappered...

Alessandro Dentella sandro at e-den.it
Wed Mar 10 14:13:17 EST 2010


I just installed a wiki 1.9.2 in wsgi setup and I can't understand how to get
the gui mode modify option.

When I installed 1.8.5 (that I still have it working as .cgi) I don't remember
having done anything peculiar to enable the gui editor and it just worked.

Now I can't see the button to edit  pages in gui mode. I read 
http://moinmo.in/HelpOnGraphicalEditor and it seems correct that is should
be already enabled... 

Am I misunderstanding? Should I enable it in some way?

thanks again in advance


Sandro Dentella  *:-)
http://sqlkit.argolinux.org        SQLkit home page - PyGTK/python/sqlalchemy

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