[Moin-user] Acl: only Truested used edit, All read

Alessandro Dentella sandro at e-den.it
Tue Mar 16 04:09:23 EDT 2010

Hi, I have been reading http://master.moinmo.in/HelpOnAccessControlLists
several times w/o understanding how I should set acl.

Wrong Notice on the page

The wiki page has a note:

  Please note: This is the master18 wiki for moin 1.8.x content. For moin
  1.9.x content, please see the same page in master19 wiki.

that points to the same page. I guess that acl has not changed but I may be


I'd like to allow read access to anybody and edit to all Trusted people
(i.e. those that logged in with a valid user/password). I set:

    acl_rights_before = u'WebAdmin:read,write,delete,revert,admin \
                          Trusted:read,write,delete,revert All:read'
    acl_rights_after = u'All:read'

But no Trusted people can edit the page 

A further try used the default acl, with the idea I was supposed to dlete
write permission from All, but still a Trusted user cannot edit the page
(not allowed):

    acl_rights_before = u'SandroDentella:read,write,delete,revert,admin' 
    acl_rights_default = u'Trusted:read,write,delete,revert All:read'
    acl_rights_after = u'All:read'

What's wrong with my perms? (I'm using 1.9.2 in wsgi mode and I restart
correctly the apache server)


Sandro Dentella  *:-)
http://sqlkit.argolinux.org        SQLkit home page - PyGTK/python/sqlalchemy

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