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Pundlik Shanbhag psshanbhag9 at gmail.com
Mon May 3 02:40:26 EDT 2010


I am now to Moinmoin and based on installnotes from master19 site I have

   - Moin 1.9
   - Apache 2.2
   - Python 2.6 (Also tried Python 2.5)
   - Windows 2003
   - Domain Authentication

Completed Installation patiently resolving issues one by one as per info on
the site.

How ever on very important feature for me is display screen shots / images
on the page itself.

I attache the image and used several syntax such as


{{attachment:Capture.jpg|Capture Screen Shot}}


However none of the syntax works. I see only the link to the image and not
the image.

I tried searching the help on moinmo.in and on google and on this site
archives. Help found did not solve the problem.

I have setup another instance on same server as standalone server by runing
the .py file by double clicking it. There 1st  syntax works. But I have a
need to create multiple wikis and later want to scale it up for which I will
have to use it with apache.

Please advice.
Thanks & regards
Vinayak Shanbhag
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